ReefHQ Put Sustainability First

ReefHQ put sustainability first.

ReefHQ is a fantastic example of how sustainable procurement can help transform your business into a sustainable one.

From building design to uniforms, ReefHQ put sustainability first with the aim to reduce waste whilst ensuring any new products purchased were made from 100% recycled content.

Watch a video on how they implemented these changes and used sustainable procurement to minimise their carbon output and reduce landfill.

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Circular Economy Goes Mainstream with Remade in Australia

The Australian Federal Government recently announced it would support a circular economy with a new initiative called Remade in Australia.

By bringing the circular economy concept mainstream, all industries will need to rethink their entire business model, including product design, renovations, office fit-outs and more.

It’s also an important step towards a carbon free future which will benefit all Australians.

Read more about how these changes will benefit your business.

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#9 Crafting a Circular Economy

Jacqueline (Jac) Wilson Smith (strategist, collaborator and design-led innovator and founder of Sustainable Innovation Co), chats with Megyn Carpenter (strategist, educator, communicator and President of Cleantech Industries), host of the Green Profits Podcast in this conversation series about crafting a circular economy and what that means for businesses. They talk about some of the positive changes that businesses can implement to transform their business into a sustainable one, through innovation and rethinking from the ground up. To watch a video of this podcast, head to www.megyn.com.au or follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/rejuvenateeco


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Crafting a Circular Economy Conversation Series (video)

Megyn appeared as a guest speaker on the Living Smart conversation series, Crafting a Circular Economy, hosted by radio presenter Todd Widdicombe at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Alongside is Jacqueline Wilson-Smith – strategist, collaborator and design-led innovator and founder of Sustainable Innovation Co. Find out about the circular economy, cleantech solutions and Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast, sustainability for profit and impactful innovation. Watch the full video below:

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#8 – Review of David Attenborough’s Latest Film – A Life on our Planet

In this latest podcast episode, Megyn reflects on the important messages for all of humanity, within David Attenborough’s latest film, A Life on our Planet (2020, Netflix).


#7 Will Waters from Planet Ark Power

In episode 7 of the Green Profits Podcast, Will Waters from Planet Ark Power joins us to chat about renewable energy. You’ll Learn how easy it is to implement solar into your business or home and how it will save you money.


#6 Circular Economy Waste Expert

This expert in all things waste, circular economy and recycling, talks about where the big savings are, and the latest technology in waste and how behaviour change can make a big difference to the bottom line. Glenn Eales is General Manager of Envirocom, an Australia-wide consultancy working with government and business on projects to educate, save money and resources. Glenn talks about programs he’s been involved in, including ‘Kids in Action’ and ‘Containers for Change’.


#5 Toxin Free and Sustainability Beauty Retailer Refuses to Sell Products and Wins

Go for Zero founder, Ellie Degraeve provides beauty and household products that are 100% toxin-free with little to zero plastic. When her newborn developed rashes from ‘mainstream’ skincare products, she became a super-researcher on the ingredients found in everyday products and was horrified by what she found. Now, it’s what her sustainable business doesn’t sell that makes it a success.


#4 Geothermal Fridges Saved a Supermarket

This grocery retailer lost $25000 in a refrigerant gas leak before installing locally manufactured geothermal fridges using ground-breaking technology. Roz White from White’s IGA describes how the new fridge system saved around 30% in electricity and how they reduce waste saying ‘minimising waste comes from the top’.

#3 Running a Sustainable Hair Salon

How this hair salon is being ‘fashion forward’ and sustainable at the same time with a simple waste system. Maria Faulder from Suite Three Hair describes the waste system which only took a couple of hours to set up.