“Sustainability is profitable.

As the demand for cleantech, renewables and sustainable products, services and practices increases exponentially, ensure your business isn’t left behind. In my podcast, resources and online courses, I’ll show you how to easily make your business more profitable, with sustainability.”

Megyn Carpenter

I help educate and empower organisations to embrace sustainable solutions so that together our actions compound and make a positive global impact for generations to come.


  • EMBRACE is to secure buy-in from stakeholders and be prepared to embark on the process
  • ASSESS is to establish a baseline for you business by examining your current operations and use of resources
  • REACH determines the boundaries for future sustainability projects and practices and locks in your Five Critical Goals
  • TRANSFORM implements change and gathers data for your Sustainable Actions and Sustainable Goals reports
  • HARVEST leverages reports for internal and external marketing and celebrate the wins


On the Sustainable Goals Academy Podcast, Megyn speaks with business leaders about sustainability and how it impacts their business. Learn valuable information to implement in your business. Here you’ll also find other free business sustainability resources.


The essential guide to profiting from sustainability. Being sustainable in business doesn’t have to be costly or take many hours to do. In fact, just by implementing one or more of these ideas into your business, you can boost your profit without it costing you lots of time and effort.


Megyn brings her marketing and cleantech skills and knowledge together to provide consulting services for selected clients. A passionate speaker about sustainability in business, and President of Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast, Megyn can speak at your next event.


Megyn Carpenter is a thought leader on the green economy in Australia and is on a mission to help businesses grow their profits through sustainable practices. Megyn’s passion for business sustainability came from her experience as a business owner of Rejuvenate Marketing. Megyn’s wake-up call led her to cleantech and sustainability and her life has not been the same since.


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