“Sustainability is profitable.

As the demand for Cleantech, renewables and sustainable products, services and practices increases exponentially, ensure your business isn’t left behind. In my podcast, guides and courses, I’ll show you how to easily make your business more profitable, with sustainability.”

Megyn Carpenter

I help business owners and managers identify and embrace money-making and money-saving sustainable products, services and practices to scale their businesses with simple yet powerful strategies and techniques.

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  • EMBRACE a culture of sustainability and corporate social responsibility as a business value proposition
  • SAVE by identifying sustainable and cleantech products, services and infrastructure
  • SELL more by tapping into the increasing demand for sustainable and cleantech products and services
  • ADAPT business practices to increase efficiencies and sustainability
  • ATTRACT clients, staff and investors by minimising environmental, social and governance (ESG) risk


On the Green Profits Podcast, Megyn speaks with business leaders about sustainability and how it impacts their business. Learn valuable information to implement in your business. Here you’ll also find other free business sustainability resources.


Learn all you need to know about sustainability and cleantech to grow and scale your business. These are not general sustainability courses but focussed entirely on business profitability. Sustainable marketing and avoiding green-washing is included in these interactive online courses. Gain valuable insights to leverage your business with simple yet powerful strategies.


Megyn brings her marketing and cleantech skills and knowledge together to provide consulting and sustainable marketing services for selected clients. A passionate speaker about sustainability in business, and President of Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast, Megyn can speak at your next event.


From web development and business training to running a successful marketing business, Megyn’s wake-up call led her to cleantech and sustainability and her life has not been the same since.

Green Profits Podcast with Megyn Carpenter


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