Sustainable Marketing Strategist & Educator

Ok, I admit it. I was blissfully unaware of the human impact on our environment.

Years ago, when I was researching sustainability for a marketing client, I was shocked by what I discovered and decided then and there to do something. I set out to help businesses go green. I figured I could use my marketing skills and experience and if businesses and customers saw the value in sustainability it would be a win-win for them and the environment.

Now I’m the President of Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast, an eco-business hub. I host the Green Profits podcast, provide sustainable marketing services and my keynote presentation on sustainable marketing is ready to go.

Above all, I’ve found my purpose… sustainability.

I want to spread the word about the positive impact it has for people, planet and profit.

We can all do something to be sustainable…let me show you how to make it profitable.

Companies I have worked with: