Free Resources for Sustainability in Business

Learn how to supercharge your business with sustainability  

Any products, services or practices I cover here must be sustainable AND profitable. If it’s sustainable but not profitable it’s not covered. That is my promise to you. There are many resources on how to be sustainable.  

I ONLY cover sustainability that is PROFITABLE. And I make no qualms about it!

You see, there is a method to what some might say is madness. But what about everything else that is sustainable? Well my answer is, I believe that business people want to do the right thing but there are constraints which can make it difficult. The way that business owners and managers are going to take notice and take action with sustainability is to make it both sustainable AND profitable.  

I figure that if business people are taking action, there is so much more leverage to sustainability simply by it’s scale. I’m all about leverage and getting the best return on investment (ROI) possible, so I’m targeting business owners and managers fairly and squarely. You can be sure that there is no pure ideology about being green without the figures to back it up. I know you are busy and don’t want you to have to sort through the maze to see if it’s profitable…I’ll do that for you.  

Of course, profit can be money-saving or money-making and I can’t guarantee profit in your individual circumstances but if something sustainable has the potential to make profit for you, I’m all over it. Importantly, I’ll be focussing on the big ticket items, the things that have most profit and sustainability potential.  

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Do you want a quick way to make money in your business? 

Which one of these sustainable AND profitable things can you do right now in your business? 

  1. Get a quote for a solar system, or get a solar finance plan 
  1. Change your incandescent light bulbs to LED’s 
  1. Install water saving devices on your taps 
  1. Stagger the timing of turning on your electrical appliances and lights in the morning (or start of shift). Did you know, not doing this increases your electricity bill for the whole month? 
  1. Get an automatic coffee machine and reusable cups for the office (no pods) and ask staff to commit to not buying coffee in take-away cups. Or better still, make it company policy. 

Start with something, no matter how small. But if you can, start with what is going to give you the most profit for the best sustainability result. Embrace it and see the positive effects it can have on your business and your team. 

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