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After years of running the successful marketing business, Rejuvenate Marketing, now we’re excited to announce our new brand – Rejuvenate Eco

The new brand Rejuvenate Eco provides sustainability consulting and marketing.

Our new brand allows us to grow and encompasses sustainability consulting along with marketing. Helping organisations save and make more money, adapt and increase business resilience in these changing times, Rejuvenate Eco can help you profit with sustainability.

As President of Cleantech Industries Sunshine Coast, Megyn Carpenter’s marketing expertise helps dozens of sustainable and cleantech businesses find customers, allowing them to grow, increasing profits and remaining sustainable.

Rejuvenate Marketing has provided marketing and consulting services since February 2014.

Using her marketing and training skills and experience with sustainability, Megyn is now available as a Sustainability and Marketing Consultant with the new brand, Rejuvenate Eco.

As host of the ‘Green Profits’ podcast, Megyn interviews business leaders who share their sustainability success stories including increasing profits by utilising a circular economy and renewables. What will your success story be?

Megyn hosts the Green Profits Podcast and interviews business leader proving sustainability is profitable.

As a certified and experienced trainer putting her knowledge and skills into tailored courses, allows any organisation to incorporate sustainability into their goals and make change happen.

She’s going all in on sustainability and you can too. It makes good business sense!

Learn more about Megyn.

*Courses expected in 2022

Sustainability Consulting & Marketing

Rejuvenate Eco can help your business become sustainable and profitable. From short term goals to change management in organisations, adapting to the changing world, starts with Rejuvenate Eco.


Coming in 2022! Megyn and her Rejuvenate Eco team are busy preparing lessons and courses designed to help business leaders bring sustainability into their business through quality education.


Megyn is available as a guest speaker for your next conference or event. She’ll share inspiring stories designed to ignite change with real world examples on establishing sustainable practices, tailored to your organisation with a focus on profitability.

“All areas and topics were covered very well. Megyn’s overview of this area is brilliant. I find her very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. This was very helpful to our business.”

Karen Hansford, Stripcrete

Let me help you in your sustainability journey.