Megyn’s Book

Sustainability Success in Business is about empowering organisations to improve their triple bottom line. Profit, people and the planet can all benefit from implementing the tools, strategies and tactics provided by Megyn Carpenter.

This book provides thorough yet digestible insights to help you achieve a truly sustainable business through positive economic, environment and social impacts.

  • Discover sustainable options and streamline your sustainability projects
  • Create a culture of awareness, set the agenda and upskill your team
  • Integrate sustainability into your business and manage climate risk
  • Identify ways to increase profitability with sustainability
  • Educate customers about your sustainable wins and be a purpose-drive business of choice – green marketing without the greenwashing.

Megyn’s book is based on the ground-breaking 5-step EARTH SystemTM and is a practical guide for implementing sustainability in business as it reduces the overwhelm and keeps business on track.

The EARTH System is scalable, easy to understand, affordable and works for any size business from sole traders to multinational corporations. This system uses project management, continuous improvement, business tactics as well as covering behavioural change, marketing and financial reporting.

“A compelling and accessible summary of how we can all respond to the critical call to action that climate change presents. Megyn’s approach is heartfelt with fantastic tools and techniques that can be adopted rapidly in a highly practical way.” – Damian Garnham, Partner, Climate and Engineering, Deloitte.

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Sustainability Consulting

Sustainability Success can help your business become sustainable and profitable. From short term goals to change management in organisations, adapting to the changing world, starts with Sustainability Success.


Coming in 2022! Megyn and her Sustainability Success team are busy preparing lessons and courses designed to help business leaders bring sustainability into their business through quality education.

Personal Branding


Megyn is available as a guest speaker for your next conference or event. She’ll share inspiring stories designed to ignite change with real world examples on establishing sustainable practices, tailored to your organisation with a focus on profitability.

“All areas and topics were covered very well. Megyn’s overview of this area is brilliant. I find her very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. This was very helpful to our business.”

Karen Hansford, Stripcrete

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