There’s Money in Sustainability with these green, clean and sustainable ideas, products and services. These business leaders make sustainable and cleantech choices and their business profits as a result.

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Change Makers Event

Join us at Alexandra Headlands Surf Lifesaving Club on Wednesday the 8th June 2022 for our Change Makers breakfast, celebrating the change makers in our community who don’t take no for an answer! The morning will feature insight into a number of different industries and how these ‘change makers’ are taking strides to evolve industries to…

Crafting a Circular Economy Conversation Series (video)

Megyn appeared as a guest speaker on the Living Smart conversation series, Crafting a Circular Economy, hosted by radio presenter Todd Widdicombe at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Alongside is Jacqueline Wilson-Smith – strategist, collaborator and design-led innovator and founder of Sustainable Innovation Co. Find out about the circular economy, cleantech solutions and Cleantech…

#6 Circular Economy Waste Expert

Glenn Eales is General Manager of Envirocom and is an expert in all things waste, circular economy and recycling. He talks about where the big savings are, and the latest technology in waste and how behaviour change can make a big difference to the bottom line. #greenprofitspodcast #megyncarpenter #Envirocom #cleantech #greenprofits

#4 Geothermal Fridges Saved a Supermarket

This grocery retailer lost $25000 in a refrigerant gas leak before installing locally manufactured geothermal fridges using ground-breaking technology. #greenprofitspodcast #geothermal #cleantech #wasteminimisation #waste #iga #supermarket

#3 Running a Sustainable Hair Salon

How this hair salon is being ‘fashion forward’ and sustainable at the same time with a simple waste system. #greenprofitspodcast #waste #wastemanagement #hairsalon

#2 Solar Electric Bikes

Darren Walters, Owner of Ecotekk talks about how his Solar Electric Bikes have started an Eco Tourism boom. #greenprofitspodcast #ecotekk #solar #solarpower #electricbike #ecotourism

#1 Sustainable Goals Academy, Megyn’s Story

In the first episode of Green Profits, Megyn Carpenter shares her story about how she went from being blissfully unaware about sustainability to being a sustainability and cleantech advocate with a focus on business. #cleantech #sustainable #greenprofitspodcast #greenprofits #business #entrepreneur